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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  November 24, 2010 5:30pm-7:00pm PST

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us get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network on the go. cookies? [ boy ] sure! tell your friends hi for me. ♪ [ female announcer ] high speed internet from at&t. live this is kron 4 news @ 5:30 p.m. >> an embarrassing situation for an east bay politician, unpaid parking tickets leads to mayor elected jean kwan car getting booted in oakland. it was parked right outside city hall. kron 4 talked of wanting got an explanation. >> it was my husband's fault that's what oakland mayor
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elected jean kwan told me when i asked for comments regarding her car the when you see here, recently being booted from unpaid parking tickets. in fact, according to the oakland police department car has racked up 12 on pay parking tickets for a total of $1,400. how could something like this happen? by fall one told me she usually pays the bills in the family however, she said when she became preoccupied with one running for mayor of the past year job to pay the bills including parking tickets. kwan said her husband neglected to get the tickets paid. oakland police say the car was booted after a opd service technician vehicles equipped with automatic plate leaders started flashing when it drove near her car as it was parked next to city hall. when told me it's registered to or has been hit but she's the one who drives it. oakland soon to be mayor told me she apologizes for the oversight and she had a staff member immediately pay for the ticket as and she learned her car had been
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booted. in fact she told me as a result of this incident she is going to look over the rest of the family's bills to make sure of anything else has not been paid. in oakland kron 4 news. >> new details tonight as weeks of counting ballots and new california attorney general has finally been named. the san francisco d.a. campbell harris will be the next attorney general. kate thompson is here this was a nail biter of our race. an election night all the way. >> for the last three weeks of the neck and neck and it's coming down to such slim margin here. half a percentage point above 51,000 votes she's going through. her opponent did concede today we have this graphic to show you of his statement which he released. saying that to it is very narrow the margin they are still counting ballots but that his campaign believes that the knock wood to make up that vote and i cap and he would win the election. >> now that camelhair is
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will be the next attorney general who will fill in her spot for it severed his cloudy day? >> this is the big question not only are we losing camelhair is but were losing the mayor. when it comes to the district attorney it all depends on when she leaves office. if she leaves office before her term is up or before she takes office as attorney general, mayor gavin newsom is a will pick a replacement. if she leaves after him then it's up to the mayor to decide and the new mayor will apply to gets to choose who gets to be in our spot. >> more in trade in san francisco politics. as kate mention still no word on who may replace san francisco outgoing mayor, leaders have agreed on a process for selecting the city's next leader. under the plan approved by the board of supervisors yesterday the first nominee to goners six of the 711 notes. nominations could begin as early as december the seventh. >> current conditions
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temperatures dropping off right now as the sun has gone down into the '40's for the most part. 43 redwood city, 43 also in fairfield and indications of a very cold night we have on top. temperatures will drop this evening, it tomorrow morning another freeze warning in effect for most of the bay area a freeze watch for the other parts. temperatures what to get very cold tomorrow morning a warming up a little bit in the afternoon. good news for you and giving afternoon we will talk about that it possibly can coming up. >> the holiday shopping frenzy is getting an early start this year. as stores open even earlier than before. many will be open on the sitting day. christine conley as live where some people are already in line for big sales. christine. >> check this out to this is best by he concede these folks are already in line for black friday that's two days away. you can see,
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they're checking of the deals your best buys in these chairs and they also have a lot of tent set up we're going to give you a look inside the tents here. these folks even have it going. there tried to get heat here they have a little cooking stove here. these people very excited they're going to spend their thanksgiving here outside the best by a retailer and roping other people will be that excited about black friday which is why many folks are opening early let's listen to the video. >> for the first time ever sears will open on holidays from 7:00 a.m. until noon. kmart will also open their doors from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m.. the gap the flagship store on marketing pal along with other gap stores will open from 11 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.. some stores are closing wal-mart supercenter will be open for 24 hours on thursday. its toys dress is open for 24 hours starting at 10:00 p.m. on banks giving. black
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friday some stores are opening earlier than ever. at 3:00 a.m. coles will open their doors, at 4:00 a.m. bases, j.c. penney and target will follow suit. >> at 5:00 a.m. on black friday best buy will open these folks got in line for that at noon yesterday. we talked to the mobile why they're doing this year's what they had to say. >> this is a tradition for three to four years we save thousands of dollars buying things. it's a great experience. >> what is your thanksgiving going to look like? >> a turkey dinner here in front of the best by thursday night and 30 degree weather. >> i was on a laptop of going to save $600 on not n.m. after the 46 in. plastic tv and i'm saving about 600 on that. it's about 12 to $1,500 and saving were working on. >> they say there's a bit of of rivalry over whose first line you can see the folks over there that have the first brought this year
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against the guy that got the last year came here saw he wasn't going to be for so we went to another store to make sure he would be carried these folks definitely excited about this and more people they say will be coming here. reporting live christine conley kron 4 news. >> using social media can help you save money for black friday our internet reporter kimberly tells as for the deals are. >> even save a lot of money by using places like facebook, for square, twitter. that took a full screen to built for you. first off on facebook it's become a big part of black friday to lead their ads on the social sightseers hosting an unusual promotion to get in on a deal you just like the latest offering of facebook if enough people like it will go live on sears stock,. there also having deals and discounts if you check-in. the stick that second full screen i have for you. forswear his parting with sports authority to offer discounts to users to check and at sports authority store between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00
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p.m. on black friday and push that check in over the twitter. you get 15 percent off coupons to check in with american eagle, hollister. sales see if a delegate certificate toward a purchase of 300 and more. however look for what's on the web to check out all the social media black friday deals. >> a live look inside at the bay bridge toll plaza the list at your screen traffic had in this san francisco is a smooth ride westbound the boy look at the left side that's east bound traffic particularly the traffic is heading into 80 moving to albany, berkeley on the right. there's a real back up there. we'll be right back.
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ceremonies the turkey will live with the national lives at mount vernon and in virginia. >> now here's stanley roberts to found some people behaving badly. >> last-minute grocery shopping can be a bear saw it going to attempt to give you tips to help it get through it. stop taxing and get off your cellphone. yes and talking to you i need your undivided attention. so you would everyone around you can enjoy the shopping experience and not stress out. and at the berkeley bowl and you guessed it berkeley, no it's not a bowling alley at the grocery store and it does get packed. understand that when you're on private property while traffic laws don't always apply, common courtesy does. >> my car. >> this man is upset because the driver of the red car
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parked so close to his cars and now we can get in. leave it. it can seem like chaos when try to find a parking space and sometimes contest a person so please be patient. did not show up wearing radio headphones while looking for parking spot. he should be completely focus. keep an eye out for your child so they don't throw away. you're walking to and from the grocery store and see a sign that and says cars not stop believe it. when you say you're only going to park for a minute i have a secret for you, it's not really meant it. and it's fast i'm leaving the parking lot says no left turn, it means a life term. enjoy your shopping. in berkeley, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >> a look at our extended forecast very cold weather on top the next couple of morning trading will start to warm up the afternoon in
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advance of the storm on saturday. what talk all about it coming up.
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it's not even winter officially but charles of the country being blasted by storms. salt lake city snowplows route all over the downtown area. we're talking but lizards and icy roads and one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> it's a sound drivers take a reminder you're going nowhere on an icy road. this is partly were lots of icy roads have made it tough going. temperatures dropped into the low 20s and are expected to stay there until this giving day. authorities counted 120 accidents in northwest and central organ and a 25 hour span. much of utah is getting hit by a powerful winter storm. pretty to look at but probably not much consolation for the people who have to get around the store. a powerful snowstorm pummeled the rockies today
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burning white out conditions to parts of the region closing a lot of roads. this week's wild weather included tornadoes in the midwest. including the twister that flipped a school bus over monday. nine year-old monday michael wood was injured has a cracked vertebrae in cuts. michael is not talking about the frightening experience. >> i remember waking up and everybody was all bloody the wintry weather meantime continues to be a big problem for drivers in many parts of the country. today people who live in the dakotas are being warned to expect freezing banks giving some probably a blizzard. pam. >> talking about wild weather a tornado touched down an el dorado county your looking at pictures of the damage from the tornado. it happened yesterday it reached these up to 100 mi. an hour. the twister outside latrobe part of a metal roof off a building and also
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move to have the added use water tank. >> here in the bay area we've been dealing with cold, this morning and broke a couple records oakland 34 degrees that was a new record. san francisco downtown at 41 actually tied a previous record the temperatures were cold bay area wide in the 20's most part in the north bay, 33 concord, 37 san jose and even colder into to of tomorrow. a freeze warning remains in effect for most of the bay area of the north bay, dealt the our inland valleys. for several hours of subfreezing temperatures tomorrow morning. the freeze warning from 1:00 to 9:00 tomorrow, the late 10th and your screen represents a freeze watch. for bay shores it's now being extended to the north a coastline. will see very cool air from yesterday's, interacting with very light winds which means very cold conditions overnight. we will see
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lighter winds and was saw yesterday which means a couple degrees of official cooling overnight. 0.6 napa, 27 santa rosa, 35 redwood city, 35 in san jose. 29 concord, 27 in antioch. in the afternoon things will warm up nicely about three to five degrees warmer than today. if your plans for the afternoon will be a little bit more mile. 55 santa rosa, 54 san francisco, 53 concord, 54 in san jose. kron 470 around the bay forecast, the cold weather sticking with us tomorrow and also to friday morning. we will start to get will reach afternoon. tomorrow the chilly side but friday a couple degrees warmer and we will continue the warming trend as the storm pushes and on saturday bringing us warmer air transfer into the bay area. of rain starts 11:00 a.m. saturday to about 4:00 p.m. drying out after that it will continue to see the slight warming trend into next week. some nicer conditions as we start next week to
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>>. be sure to tune into kron 4 on saturday night from 7 to 8:00 p.m. where you can catch highlights of the giants will series parade. i can that's the saturday from 7 to 8:00 p.m.. we'll be right back. verizon's your home for samsung galaxy.
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preferred are worth 25% more on travel? means better vacations. that's incredible. believe it...with chase sapphire preferred your points are worth 25% more on travel when booked through ultimate rewards. a live picture from sfo on what is supposed to be the busiest travel day of the are not too busy right now. it can usually long lines at the airport, the interests of security checks, not too bad tonight though. imagine traveling all the time with the goal of racking up miles. it might sign it exhausting but as poppy harlow reports many folks do it just for fun. >> on the miles of floating your life? >> 70 million. >> didn't george clooney and 5 million. >> he doesn't have anything on me. >> imagine flying for fun it sounds crazy the most given the delays, cancellations
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and security hassles. to some like randy petersen it's well worth it to rack up the miles on so-called mileage run. >> it's just a mechanism to do what do things are in the most miles for the cheapest money than you take those miles and redeem them for something really valuable later on. >> going from point a to point b but to what ago in the most roundabout fashion as it possibly can lead in the morning hope all round pick up 10 or 15,000 mi.. >> the planet to seattle seattle to detroit to try to-fill in the drive home from nashville. >> on fire talk people close to search for the cheapest mileage runs with the most miles. >> are brought is a self- employed attorney who flies just for the sake of flying in racks up hundreds of thousands of miles a year. >> some people like to go shopping all day, i will go to california for lunch and make friends. i went to
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disneyland and that friends and spent the day at disneyland. >> one day. >> yes. >> she then flies from new york city to why a. the key experts say paying less than 2¢ per mile and redeeming them for much more. >> with half the mileage bonuses from credit-card offers the currency of sorts is being devalued. an award ticket can be harder to come by but the perks are still there. a >> if you like to travel to get updated if you want to be the first person aboard the plane to you can have some space that's 4 mi. commentary >> you have to be rich to be a fire talker? >> when not all. i've seen places that i could not afford it and i've stayed four weeks in paris for less than seven heroes. >> i've been to the great wall of china, the ballet in moscow, i've been to safari in south africa and i've
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eaten shrimp on the barbie and australia all because of miles. >> not bad if you don't mind a long journey getting there. it in your copy kron 4. >> college did his trip down to a speedo to protest the security pat down our internet reporter kimberly sakamoto brings is a look at the youtube video >>. the video was shot just yesterday at the airport in salt lake city utah. let's take a look, he places the camera out in the ban is you can see right here and as it's moving down the conveyor belt you see it come back in a frantic after sure he takes off his pants and he just has a swim trunks on, a little sign on the back to protest. the bloc opposed to put up along with the video says he hopes his protests will inspire at their people to take a stand and protests the gsa during this very busy season. this is a really big time it happened a spokesperson said another speaker protests took place today. >> a live look aside from our roof cam clear skies out
5:58 pm
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live this is kron 4 news at 6:00. >> first at 6:00 to big stories tonight the cold and the rush of holiday travelers. tonight will take a live to walnut creek for a look at how people are dealing with the sinking temperatures of the left side of your screen. will send a note to san francisco international airport to find out how many people are packing in the terminal. but first, joined by jacqueline bennett was a look at this thanksgiving day forecast. this is thanksgiving day eve which were already seen >> '40's> of the jurors are dropping off dramatically this evening because remember yesterday the winds were stronger, they're not so much today. that's why temperatures are already into the low '40's in some places like half moon bay at
6:01 pm
41 degrees, 42 redwood city said the napa, 43 napa is only getting get colder from here. with another freeze warning in effect for most of the bay area that's the dark pink here see on your screen. all of the north bay, delta and inland valleys. for several hours subfreezing temperatures tomorrow morning. it's a combination of the cold cool air from yesterday's storm plus those letter winds that's bleeding into the chilly conditions. the light pink on your screen is a freeze watch for places that will be close to freezing but not quite there. this evening temperatures will continue to drop quickly. it's one of equal the their feet up plans for dinner or plans this evening bring a very heavy jacket in some gloves and a scarf. into tomorrow morning the freeze warning we just talked about potential record low temperatures yet again. we set up records today. in the afternoon a little bit better a little warmer. if you have those plans for the afternoon or evening bitter, tomorrow not as bad. but
6:02 pm
talk more about that plus held long school last coming up a bit. >> jonathan blum was led walnut creek tonight to give us a firsthand account of the bay area cold snap. we've watched the temperature go down every time we check in with you jonathan. >> here will the creek it steadily getting cooler as the sun goes down and it's getting colder even faster than an hour ago. that's look over the thermometer's 6:01 p.m. it is 45 degrees fahrenheit it was 49 degrees as an hour ago. in the last hour torture dropped four degrees and we can feel it. i shot video and touch the can't handle my fingers went numb. i'm telling you it's even colder than it looks out here. the show the video from the ice rink i shot a few minutes ago. he see the people taking revenge of the cold weather is making it time to get in the festive holiday spirit. when is kolars, will caps, layers. last hour she was worried about 50 layers of clothing ok before. if
6:03 pm
people here are not used to experience in cold weather like this this early in the season and indeed the national weather service says this is a bit early to have a cold snap of this magnitude. usually you don't see the scars and gloves come out until january or february. this is the coldest is given week which happened a while. some people think it's a pretty nice change the want to feel when a jury of festive going into the holiday. when we were told one kid that the cold was expected to stick around for awhile his mood suddenly change. >> are you good skater? >> know very bad. in >> your medical plan phony ice right? >> yes. >> you're ok with that >> i'm ok with that a little bit to >> read thanksgiving is usually not as cold >> usually >> if i tojo's going to be really cold tomorrow morning will do think about that? >> i would be sad carried
6:04 pm
>> well it is going to be sad. cold >> this line over here says 45 degrees fahrenheit 7 degree celsius yesterday morning according to the bank to play one degree celsius and that number could have come i decided front of it tomorrow morning. walnut creek jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> overall snowfall has stopped for the time being in this year of that's only after dumping up to 70 in. in some parts of the region. this is a look at the four caltrans traffic camera which keep an eye on this year roads. jeff bush strode along several mountain roads today to give us a close-up look at this snow fall >>. this is the scene in the morning you could see this road and truck was packed with snow in drivers took their time to get by. it was a difference in on the highway was clear caltrans had been busy getting interstate 80 ready for the
6:05 pm
holiday travelers that would soon be on their way. on the way they came by midafternoon the interstate had families cruising up the hill in anticipation of thanksgiving. the snow- covered mountains or friendly reminder that the season's have changed and winter is here. on spring road workers for clearing the snow off a parking space. many people were on the road took a break about halfway up the hill lets cisco grove it was a chance for kids and adults to take advantage of the hillside and slide down for winter fun. meantime while they were going down on their slides many more were still on the highway and anxious to get to their cabinet get ready for this is giving. in this year and jeff bush kron 4 news >>. more than 40 million americans are expected to hit the roads or the skies the skin banks giving. today is supposedly the business 24 hours of a holiday season. that means long lines of the five largest airports in the nation. chicago o'hare things worse moved as thousands of people showed up for the flights today. even though it has 20
6:06 pm
percent fewer travelers today, at lax is the second busiest airport. after that it's boston's logan and then new york's laguardia. the fifth busiest airport in the nation today san francisco is sfo the kron 4 dan, and tried his live with an update. how're things going out there tonight? >> i have never seen it is quieter on the day before the giving. i've been out here before every year for the last hand and it's been very quiet this year. , these days the day before things giving is no longer the busiest travel day of the year people are starting out their departure dates everywhere from monday at couple of days ago to the return date which along are always sounded the coming back friday, saturday, sunday. that makes it an easy day for those coming to sfo. >> security lines were moving at a good clip his
6:07 pm
wednesday before this giving as 113,000 travelers or expected to fly in and at sfo. this year though the focus was on how long the lines might be, but what was at the end of the line. the full body scanner and the possibility of more interest pat downs. >> seems to me they don't what they're doing. >> it might be obsessive it's getting to a point where they have to do what is get in order to know someone stories of the bat on the plane then you probably missed a number of intelligent steps >> carried opposition led to threats of a protest designed to slow down security lines. at sfo that never materialize, in fact, protesters number just a half-dozen and aerostation outside the terminal. a majority of the passengers had little trouble with the new security procedures >>. for me it's a non-issue. we want to make sure save on the plane if that's what it takes, that were happy to have more screening happened >>. people get concerned
6:08 pm
when the privacy is invaded in there's a good concern about that, i respect that, but there's a compromise between safety that obviously we have big risks of safety of everyone to make sure we get rid of that so i agree with the security. >> another positive note is the weather the keep hearing about how cold is but it's also very clear not only as the weather could hear the most part to the country the weather is good enough that most flights coming in and out of sfo or on time. latest reporting live dan curman kron 4 news >>. for passengers in san jose opting out of the scanner was mostly a non- issue. as critics clark tells us that men to a much smoother walk through the security >>. as passengers got the tickets and headed up to security the threat of a nationwide boycott of body scanners made a wonder that might slow down the process. at san jose international protested to tear materialized airport official said there were no problems at security checkpoints including the busy early morning ross.
6:09 pm
most passengers we talked to said options for getting to the span is hurry >>. a necessary evil >>. the pact also is a down the scanner is >> quicker. i don't think any pat down if they insisted i would go for it but i'd rather not >>. is always the exception, if it makes everything safe and let everybody get by with >> to go for it. for many this kantor's for the easier way the scanning machines were very busy and security traffic will fast it appears passengers wouldn't stand on ceremony here to help questions for the scanner with the dignity over in case of pat downs they just wanted to get to the bantheir thanksgiving holiday periods >> the san francisco giants world series parade will be returned your living room the saturday night. kron 4 is airing the highlight special from 7 to 8:00 p.m. on kron 4 news saturday night.
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we have a developing story a major fire happening right now in south los angeles. but the flames a tapping at commercial building in south los angeles were told its furniture manufacturing company. a lot of flames but were told just minutes ago this was even bigger. there are a lot of careers out here hard to see in the shop although now all he could see they said roughly a dozen fire trucks on scene. it is a large fire and again you're looking at live. no word yet on whether there have been any injuries but the fire developed within the last half-hour or so. it's a commercial building for those who know south l.a. this is happening at 158 east 50th street. you can see now crews are directing water on to the fire, they're beginning to get a grip on this. no word yet on any inner juries but a lot of emergency crew
6:14 pm
standing by. jacqueline. >> look guard said forecasts for cool conditions will carry over into tomorrow morning and friday morning as well. talk about the cold snap and when it will and coming up in a bed.
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6:17 pm
black friday is an experience on like few others of the world and nasa travelers rushing to the doors, gates looking for deals of the same time everything is giving weekend. the find those deals again this year from a 40 in. lcd tv ad target from a $200 notebook computer a wal-mart. this year's the deals are coming earlier including on a thanksgiving day. christine conley is live at the best buy were believed are not some shoppers will be spending their banks giving in line. christine. >> take a look at this these folks ashley started lining up on tuesday for black friday joining us now is greg you been doing this for three years in a row power you going to make it through the night tower you
6:18 pm
preparing? >> all of us here we have tens or try to keep warm because it's like 38 degrees set in my tent we have a stove to cook soup and heat up the tents and we have all their sleeping bags and jackets. >> this is where you will be spending of things getting along with your friends. you were first in line to are you even going to get even turkey? >> were going to get kfc soon but tomorrow for sure friends and family will bring as turkey and this will be a feast. >> when it are you >> try to >> how laptop and tv camera on to save about 12 to $1,500. >> just by being here espy. a lot of retailers hoping shoppers will actually come out maybe even a day earlier. let's throw video which restores that will be open on a thanksgiving. for the first time sears will be open on thursday all you're cooking, a turkey you can go there to shot between 7:00 a.m. until noon, a kmart will open from 6:00 a.m.
6:19 pm
until 9:00 p.m. the gab flagship store should be open from 11 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.. there's even some stores that will be open 24 hours of school and enrolled piece of video a tree that. wal-mart is open 24 hours on the skidding and toys arrest is open 24 hours starting at 10:00 p.m. on the eggs giving. a lot of options for people that a very excitable black friday and of course best buy will open here at 5:00 a.m.. reporting live christine conley kron 4 news >>. in san francisco reference cecil and as many volunteers are getting ready for a big day tomorrow on banks giving they will feed thousands of hungry people. the annual thinks giving meals at the memorial church. each year fee served thanksgiving dinner with all the factions. this year the volunteers experts to serve nearly 5000 meals. >> of very cold morning on top and again tomorrow freeze warning remains in effect for the north bay for
6:20 pm
the delta as for inland valleys. it's a combination of the cold pool of there that we saw yesterday was later wins that will lead to cooler temperatures over night. that's why the freeze watch the light pink has been extended to the north bay coastline and parts of the bay shore. let's get a look at those temperatures neighborhood by neighborhood a couple degrees cooler than what we saw out there this morning. 26 and now, 27 in santa rosa 34 oakland just 37 san francisco. 29 conquered emirate on the freezing mark in san jose. 32 degrees and the dog. into the afternoon temperatures will warm three to five degrees of you now plans to head out to those meals with the family in the afternoon or evening is going to be a little bit more pleasant out there. 55 santa rosa, 54 san francisco, 53 in concord and 54 down in san jose. if you're heading out of town as we mentioned earlier if the israelis to fly out now
6:21 pm
you see clear skies but if you're driving up through mounds take your time. for this year forecast this weekend will be great uncle starts to the day the plan to sunshine and a lot of fresh powder now agree conditions out there for things giving. friday increasing cloud cover was called into monday saturday expecting snow back in the sierra, snow and colder temperatures 31 degrees on an album on saturday. snow levels will be down to 5,000 ft. so you want to bring those chains if you're staying through the weekend because the snow will surely affect to drive back. kron 47 day around the bay forecast, cold sting not only tomorrow and friday as well getting warmer each afternoon though. friday see 56 degrees bay area wide. we will see warmer air filter into the bay area of the storm for saturday. 11:00 a.m. the rankings of about 4:00 in the afternoon and tapers off drier conditions expected sunday and slightly warmer as we head into next week. >> in national news speaking
6:22 pm
of cold weather a lot of people around the country expecting freezing cold things giving, stormy weather continues to hit part of the country really hard. the debris in light of conditions to some regions and of course one the busiest travel days of the year. this was a scene in salt lake city they're getting a lot of snow and tonight people the dakotas are being warned about a possible blizzard. as rows of been a huge problem rain and high winds to new mexico and arizona. in kansas city look of this surveillance video, a carjacker and action even see a man getting into the car driving off it had a baby girl in a car seat in the back. then you will see the mother there hanging desperately on to the side of the car as the man drove away the father also was running after the car all show you this again. he eventually broke a window of the carjacker did stop get out of the car and ran away. the couple i just walked away 42 moments while parked near a
6:23 pm
gas station carried there's a picture of the baby girl the mother suffered minor injuries but said she is happy tonight that the whole family is ok. steered airlines to cut better days so has their customers. that's because their computer system in detroit crash today big delays they're putting a sign so people could of these figure where they should wait. the no-frills carrier essentially got the computer system back up their planning and over a power outage for this problem. flights were late least they were cancelled. >> former house majority leader has been found guilty of money laundering charges. he was accused of funneling nearly to a thousand dollars to help republicans during the 2002 elections. the conservative republicans still denies any wrongdoing. >> i still maintain that i
6:24 pm
am innocent, the criminalization politics undermines the very system in a very disappointed. >> known in the house as the hammer step down as majority leader in 2005 after being indicted he left congress for next year. we'll be right back. [ bell rings ] what are you doing, friending somebody? yeah. you got time for that? you got time to earn more on your savings, online at that's new school banking, baby!
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the singer connie west is speaking out against taylor's with again. remember he rushed the stage of the 2009 mtv me video music awards and suggested that swift was not worthy of the best female artists trophy. and as weekly west as " taylor never came to my defense at an interview and rode the waves. wes was speaking in a self-declared popularity which he said help dealers with success this year. >> saturday it live to sesame street made an
6:28 pm
audition tape this week the show post of the video today on youtube and on facebook. the formative video follows the blue monster doing the work through but the episode on saturday night live. why range of new movie releases are moving opening just in time for the holiday all debuting today. burlesque and musical romance starring and christina like lear and share. an action thriller faster is out today it all starts with duane johnson also known as the rock. >> or in for another cool night over night tonight into tomorrow morning and again on thursday night into friday morning. finally the cold snap breaks into the weekend when a storm pushes and. will talk about a coming up.
6:29 pm
6:30 pm
6:31 pm
6:32 pm
26 now, 27 said rosa, 34 oakland, 37 san francisco right of the freezing mark in san jose 27 in antioch. he will see the cold of a trustee ground in the mornings for the next couple of days ago warmer air filtering into the bay area this will bring his reign from 11 to 4:00 p.m. saturday before things for what to the rest the weekend. >> here walnut creek with watching the temperature drop in the last two hours and has fallen steadily 8 degrees to allow all horse six degrees celsius and boy you can feel and see it as you watch your breath evaporate for the air. overall there's an ice rink
6:33 pm
here in walnut creek and people are wearing scarves, hats and citadel when the cold because it's a nice changing its some in the festive holiday spirit but when told what it told its going been colder tomorrow some folks at o.k. that's enough or not looking forward to it. it is supposed to be freezing to or morning at sunrise. walnut creek jonathan blum kron 4 news. >> in san francisco district attorney here as will become california's next attorney general. her opponent called her to concede the race on wednesday morning more than three weeks after the election harrises now 50,000 votes ahead of him she will become the first female attorney general of california. reporting in san francisco kate thompson kron 4 news here outside oakland city hall to a long car the one you see there was recently voted for having 12 unpaid parking tickets worth $1,400 according to the oakland police department. off quantum by falwell she is running for mayor was her
6:34 pm
husband's job to pay the bills and it's his fault that she says the tickets were not paid one set within a couple of hours to get the tickets paid in the boot removed and she apologizes for the whole incident. outside oakland city hall kron 4 news. >> here as i conceive the shoppers have already lined up for black friday they have time set up to got here on tuesday to make sure they would be the first deadline. some retailers are even opening up on thanksgiving, sears, k mart and wal-mart will be open on a holiday hoping it will flee to lure enough shoppers. christine conley kron 4 news. >> for it black friday some great deals are already online. internet reporter kimberly brings a look at some of the sale items. >> and he would have to wait out and the golden lion and you don't have to wait for a couple days to come taken by the right now let's take a look at some of the deals i found. target they're having a save big before black
6:35 pm
friday sale, and nintendo ds icahn sold for $129, a guitar hero bundle for $75. meanwhile wal-mart is having a slew of specials on line and of course while supplies last amazing found a 42 in. plasma tv for $400 that's a 42 in. plasma television. i founded apple bipod touch on the with an accessory kit for $223. ebay is getting in the mix right here with the previous giving deal. the been counted down every few hours so you want a check that throughout the day. i found as rigid 20 gig portable hard drive for under $50 and a laser printer for $40. check of the deals had over to look for what's on the web section. >>, now offer to talk with gabe slate. >> i'm going to buy your groceries today >>. why?
6:36 pm
>> were being kind to others. >> yobbo showed up to the grocery store wearing out purple shirts that says how good grows. for three hours the surprise shoppers by paying for the grocers of the check out. >> i came at the right time. >> ok. >> some people were stunned and believe that. >> curious why year-old buying groceries >>. most people had big smiles or very they fall. i even saw few hogs dished out. >> happy holidays >> jury think you >>. why is he godliness? >> to do something to nice for someone else. >> a good will initiative on the web website gained kind is tiger. yahoocom that encourages people opposed to random acts of kindness they've done for others it's a cool visual by tossing a stone of the water gets to look at the ripple effect of your client acted with your
6:37 pm
friends and family participating and do their own random kind tax your reply grows >>. and see how big of a rebuff kind as you create what other people click on your status or update with our own kind acts. people understand that when they protect that kind is they want to go and do something good for someone else. >> yahoo the >> a queue. in san francisco gabe slate kron 4 news. >> a live look outside at thanksgiving eve traffic in san francisco this is the 80-1 01 the james link the top of your screen at traffic on a be heading toward the lower deck of the bay bridge and it is a crawl not much better at the bottom of your screen. headlights' heading south down for the peninsula on highway won a one also orlov >>. tune in to kron 4 on saturday from 7 to 8:00 p.m. when he thinks such highlights of the giants world series parade i can that's this coming saturday night from 7 to 8:00 p.m.. will be right back.
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it can seem like chaos will try to find a parking space, it sometimes contest a person so please be patient. did not show up wearing radio headphones while looking for parking spot. he should be completely focused and keep an eye out for your child so they don't roll away. if you're walking to and from the grocery store and see a sign that says cars did not stop, believe it. you know when you say you're only going to park for a minute i have a secret for you, it's not really a minute. if the science leaving the parking lot said no left turn us it means a left turn. enjoy your shopping. in berkeley, steven roberts, kron 4 news. >> the sports oakland don't want reward gets ready to defend his world title at home. here try to talk to new owners for the warriors joke and peter statement.
6:43 pm
the black widow spider's severe bite
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can cause coma and even death. the african black mamba can kill a man with one bite. but there's an even deadlier predator
6:46 pm
forty-niners try to get back on track monday night against the arizona cardinals. loss ended were shut out at home for the first time since 1977 it was a 2120 loss at the tampa bay. although the niners are only two games of first- place in the nfc west. head coach mike singletary was asked if he thought he was doing a good job. >> i would even dare to say and do a good job. but it's not over yet. i think the most important thing for me, is that we have the game coming up monday night. at a few more after that. but particularly the one i'm excited about is the one on monday night. asked me after that game if i did a good job. >> oakland native andrea ward defends his world title in front of his home town fans on saturday night the reigning wba simple
6:47 pm
middleweight champion. nicknamed it the scorpion it is in his third world title fight to but he is a decided underdog against ward who is undefeated in 22 fights. >> it boils down to saturday night who can get it done and i'm prepared to be that guy. take nothing away from saki all i know is coming with both guns blazing in boxing terms that means he's got a swing in but i'm ready for that he. if you prepared for the physically, mentally in every possible way. >> a little more than four months ago jay and peter surprised everybody by out to an oracle ceo larry ellison to buy the golden state warriors. if the price tag was $450 million. our sports director gary recently sat down with the new owners. >> he will spot the lakers from jerry and innocents would you like to somehow get that showtime atmosphere is that what your dream is to bring it here?
6:48 pm
>> our dream is to have a great entertainment vehicle to have agreed product to the team, players, culture and by and all the fans and then when they're there make a great fan experience. you say showtime have to recognize you want to engage people emotionally and that's what a team does and that's what the fed acts to rheostats. the idea is we keep our eyes open, wallet open in most of all be clear about what our objective is. >> when you say keep your wallet open your not afraid to lose money? the >> (laughter) i didn't say that. right. >> joe is a rich guy who knows where every penny is. >> very rich. >> does yet more than you? >> he's the bank. >> so you get to make more decisions. (laughter) had you find you each other how
6:49 pm
did this happen? >> we've been looking at sports team together apart and together. we like to check their wheat fell together on a couple of times individually we failed to acquire couple teams. we found his opportunity and said we have to do this. i called what i said peter let's go. >> thanksgiving is not only a time to be thankful but also a time to give banks and right now third many needy families. coming up next for gunna find out how was struggling economy has added to that number of people in need. before we had to the break american servicemen and women from california's send out their holiday greetings to their loved ones. the >> i'm sean stationed at republic of korea and like to say happy holidays and very christmas tour family in the bay area. >> hi, happy holidays.
6:50 pm
>> were currently stationed in germany we would like to say hi to or family in california want to wish the happy holidays to the family. happy greetings. >> this is capt. from like a beast i have a message for my parents and brother and sister and my two nephews. i want to say happy holiday have a good christmas and new year and lots of presents. i do miss you guys and have this to be home so have a good holiday. people! look at you!
6:51 pm
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president barack obama used his executive power to spare to turkey's this thanksgiving. to help from a farm in modesto california they are named apple and cider. both are about 21 weeks old after the ceremony the turkeys will live out their natural lives at mount vernon. george washington a state which is in virginia. in oakland organization
6:54 pm
serving free thanksgiving meals are reporting more elderly people and families in need this year. today and nonprofit called city team, serve free turkey males to about 900 people in oakland and san francisco. last night that same organization served a dinner in san jose. this even san francisco glide memorial church as you0 in the tension this year. the reverence as he does expect to have enough for the thousands of needy families who come there. >> how many years have we been doing this. it must be a least 29 or 30. >> the rev. cecil knows all zero hall or in the bay area is glide memorial church as an offering links giving dinners to the needy for decades. they're in tough times in the past but not like what he has seen lately. >> for the last two years 20 percent of donations were down. we've also discovered that 30 percent of the
6:55 pm
people there is an increase in participation on their part. >> tomorrow glide will serve meals to 5000 people. he said it takes constant work to commence dollars each year before himself but hundreds of volunteers to welcome each year, the effort is more than worth it. >> there's nothing that can top it when you're working with people who were in great need to and people were suffering severely. there is nothing that can reach beyond being a response a person to those folks, giving the law of an unconditional love for which we do here. as well as unconditional acceptance when you do that you have something going for you. >> you sure do, glide will begin serving tomorrow at 7:30 a.m.. >> it will be a very chilly morning once again tomorrow with the freeze warning in effect for most of the bay area and including all the north bay, delta and our inland valleys for several
6:56 pm
hours with subfreezing temperatures tomorrow morning. the light pink on your screen represents a freeze it's been extended to the north coast line ask for temperatures not quite at the freezing mark but pretty close. we have a cold pool their for mystery storm plus lighter winds which will lead to very cold conditions to start today. i would be surprised if we broke records tomorrow we broke to today. 26 now up, 27 in santa rosa, 37 san francisco, 29 concord and the freezing mark in san jose. at very chilly start to the day but if your plants in the afternoon temperatures will warm up nicely about three to five degrees warmer than today. 53 now, 54 san jose, your kron 47 day around the bay forecast a very cold weather going to stick with us for the next couple of mornings freeze warnings in effect for both warnings and also chilly in the afternoon. it will warm up friday as the storm approaches the bay area on saturday we will see lot of rain but at least
6:57 pm
will be little bit warmer. >> wrapping skidding eve to all of you will see tonight at 11:00. [ male announcer ] how do you say... welcome to the neighborhood. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you say... can you believe it's been 20 years since college? ♪ [ male announcer ] nothing says "you're special" like boursin, a creamy, crumbly blend of real cheese and savory herbs, boursin makes any moment more memorable.
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bristol a sore loser? jennifer grey's hospitalization? news from "dancing's" huge finale. i'm lara spencer. "the insider" is on. >> how does it feel to win it? >> oh, fantastic. jennifer grey. >> jennifer in new york today. her victory. bristol, bitter in defeat? >> i feel like it would be a big middle finger to all the people out there that hate my mom. >> this is all about work ethic and perseverance. >> did an injury almost cost her the mirror boll? >> i wept to the hospital. >> winning takes a little bit of the pain away. >> yeah. star plastic an cosmetic surgery. lisa rinna's lips. linda evans' facelift.


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